The company

Ameya Luminaires is a company specialising in unique, cutting edge LED technology. Our forte lies in finding the latest technologies in the LED industry, securing, adopting and where appropriate, refining these solutions for entry into the public domain. The company hails from a background in hospitality and commercial industry, with over 75 years of accumulated wealth in human resource engineering experience.

The Company prides itself, on accepting the challenge of finding the perfect solution for any light source requirement and while doing so, maintaining the highest standards in sustainability. The main contributing reason as to why the majority of our products are manufactured in Europe.

Our clients range from every sector of industry, from hospitality, where the company enjoys preferred supplier status, to some of the largest global hospitality groups in the world, to the medical, retail entertainment and marine sectors.

Our products range from specialist light control software, to patented LED solutions, designed on a purely bespoke basis, to accommodate the unique specification and economic parameters set by the client.

Our trusted international network, allows the company unfettered representation and access to immediate local and logistical global support. All of which help set the standards by which we are known.


Ameya Luminaires are proud to announce the introduction of Eis LED technology a revolutionary new LED light source which requires no heatsink. Bulbs are produced using recycled materials and have no heavy unsightly heatsink allowing for a complete 360 degree beam angle of light just like the old Edison bulb! The lighter non conductive material offers a safe sustainable alternative to other LED Bulbs.